Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of contract of Greenacres Tree Services

  1. Confirmation of your acceptance of the quote/estimate can be made; In writing (email, letter etc..); Through a website (i.e. https://www.mybuilder.com; bark.com or other websites); By phone, text, or any form of instant messaging; In person; By signing copy of the quote made by Greenacres Tree Services.
  2. When the quote is approved by any of the above methods, it will be taken as confirmation of your acceptance of the works and costs provided and will be deemed as a formal contract of agreement between the customer and Greenacres Tree Services.
  3. When the cost of the materials for the project/job exceeds £500 it will be necessary for the customer to pay the full price of the materials upfront 2 weeks before the project/job commences. Failure to make this payment may delay the project and incur additional admin charges of 5% of total project cost per week. For payment details please see below.
  4. If any materials have been purchased by Greenacres Tree Services and the project/job is cancelled by the customer, it will be necessary for the customer to pay for the costs of all the materials and 20% of the labour cost, even if the services are not supplied.
  5. Payment for the project/job is to be paid in terms displayed on the invoice. If payment is not received within 1 week an additional 5% plus a £50 admin charge per week will be applied. If full payment has not been received after 2 months from the date of the invoice the residual money owed to Greenacres Tree Services will be resolved in the “Small Claims Court” plus costs and Greenacres Tree Service’s legal fees.
  6. If  Greenacres Tree Services is requested to carry out works in a manner which is contrary to Greenacres Tree Service’s recommendation it will be mentioned in writing before the project commences. If the failure of project/job occurs because of the requested method Greenacres Tree Services will not accept responsibility or be liable for the cost of any damages.
  7. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise Greenacres Tree Services of any underground or unseen services, cables, pipes etc. If these are not declared or the client is unaware of the underground services and therefore cannot inform Greenacres Tree Services and as a result damage is caused to these services etc. Greenacres Tree Services cannot be held responsible or liable.
  8. * As labour was estimated in the quote this may have resulted in an increase in the final labour cost due to an increase in project length. This will be charged at the daily rate minus 20%. The estimated labour times will be written in the bottom of the quote/invoice.
  9. All drawings created and designed by Greenacres Tree Services are the property of Greenacres Tree Services, if in the circumstance the customer requests drawings that are completed by Greenacres Tree Services and decide to not use the services of the company the customer will be liable to pay a consultancy rate of £30/hr. The timescale for the drawings will be written and signed on the drawing.